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WN Weighted/Normalized Efficiency Rating

WN1 - WN6

WN1 - WN6 are outdated. While WN1 - WN5 are not used any more, WN6 is still used by XVM, there are preperation ongoing to replace it by WN8.


Main Article: WN7


+SPOT*125*MIN(TIER, 3)/3
-[(5 - MIN(TIER,5))*125] / [1 + e^( ( TIER - (GAMESPLAYED/220)^(3/TIER) )*1.5 )] 


Main Article: WN8


WN8 WRx is a modified formula to make rating of single battles possible. WN8 WRx will replace WN8 WR50 currently used on vBAddict for calculation of single battles.

Changes to the original WN8 formula will be:

- rWIN is a fix value, consisting of just the expected winRate.

- Beside the damage dealt, it should include new parameters to include also the assisted damage via radio/track

ER Efficiency Rating

ER v1

DAMAGE * (10 / (TIER + 2)) * (0.21 + 3*TIER / 100)
+FRAGS * 250
+SPOT * 150
+log(CAP + 1,1.732)
+DEF * 150

ER v2 ("ER new")

Improvement over the old v1, mainly reduces the capture points.


PA Eff

The PA Efficiency used by vBAddict.net is based on Eff v1. It adds damage assisted by radio and reduce capture points by the factor 10. Since Patch 0.8.6 it contains also the damage assisted by shooting down tracks.

FRAGS*(350.0 - TIER*20.0)
+DAMAGE*(0.2 + 1.5 / TIER)

PR Performance Rating

The Performance Rating is only used by NoobMeter to rate players primarily on winRate and damage dealt with respect to expected damage values of tanks played.


WG Rating

WG introduced their own Rating with WoT 0.8.8, an improved version with WoT 0.8.9 Bound to Winrate (which is, according to WG self, already a kind of Rating)

Forum Thread by WoT Devs